UNM Greek Life

The UNM Greek system is currently comprised of six IFC fraternities, four Panhellenic sororities, and twelve multicultural Greek organizations that include both sororities and fraternities. Within each organization you can be sure to find leadership, service, and academic enhancement opportunities while also experiencing a unique opportunity that breaks the “Old School” and “Animal House” stereotypes.

On the UNM campus, the Greek community has thrived for over one hundred years and has been an integral part of campus life. The Greek community constantly continues to lead campus through both involvement and service within various capacities throughout the university including athletics, student government, honor societies, recreational organizations, and even through academic performance. It is a well known fact that involvement within a Greek lettered organization increases the likelihood of both academic achievement and graduation from the university (all statistics are readily accessible at the Student Activities Office). Every Greek organization recognizes that every student comes to UNM to obtain an education and that is always a priority for as students we are on the threshold of our future.

Your membership in any Greek organization can prove to be enjoyable, but what makes each fraternity and sorority unique? Is it the membership composition, the accolades, the alumni, the brotherhood/sisterhood…the list goes on and on. It is the purpose of this document to help enlighten you to the merits of the Sigma Chi fraternity as a whole and of the local chapter whose current goal is to recruit men of different temperaments, talents, and convictions in order to develop values based leaders that strive for excellence in everything they do.