The Purpose of Sigma Chi

The defined purpose of Sigma Chi is to cultivate and maintain the high ideals of friendship, justice and learning upon which Sigma Chi was founded. We believe that membership in our organization, which is composed of people with different temperaments, talents and convictions makes for a strong unity amongst its members and promotes a spirit of brotherhood that is unparalleled in accomplishment.

The strong arms of our brotherhood are not fostered by social interactions or petty discussion, but are forged through our values system and ritual that defines our success. By no means is our brotherhood perfect, there will be disagreements, misunderstandings, and arguments, yet at the end of the day you can look a brother in the eye and find solace in the knowledge that your friendship will continue to endure.

Sigma Chi is unique in the fact that with such a diverse group of individuals, we don’t let our differences separate us, but rather enable us to succeed in everything we do. Our organization was founded on the theory that genuine friendship could be maintained without surrendering the principle of individuality or sacrificing one’s personal judgment because our brotherhood is united not by similarities, but by our mutual belief in the fundamental ideals of our organization.

By no means is Sigma Chi perfect; after all, perfection is not a good teacher and will only prove to be an illusion. As an organization, we are not here to promise you the world, but rather present you with an opportunity to accomplish something in it. Even though it could be said that men die, they leave behind a legacy that transcends time, and it is that legacy that Sigma Chi fosters within its members.