An Optimistic Reality

It is never wrong to do the right thing, and as a member of Sigma Chi it is our duty as individuals to meet every challenge with our morals intact. There will be times where those around you will \ not only be jeopardizing their own values, but those of others as well and it is our duty to act in a manner that preserves everyone’s well being and integrity.

You will be most successful when you lead by example and give encouragement to others. You can never under estimate the power of a kind word or a pat on the back. Sigma Chi tries to provide a good environment for personal growth and that starts with the interactions you have with brothers or they have with you.

We are not going to promise you that you are going to like every guy in here all the time. After all, even families tend to have disagreements and arguments from time to time. People will make mistakes, people may piss you off, while at the same time there will be times you make your own mistakes and piss others off. There may be times when other let you down, just as there may times you let others down.

What we will promise you is that Sigma Chi will present you with the opportunity to work through your disagreements, your hardships, and your struggles while working towards our organizations common ideals and the chapter goals. It is through these trying times that a quality, lifelong friendship is formed that can only be referred to as ‘brotherhood.’

Sigma Chi Is a Lifelong Teacher

As a member, you will have the opportunities to become a more knowledgeable, self-assured, quality leader whose impact will not only be visible during your undergraduate tenure, but will transcend throughout your entire lifetime. Sigma Chi will encourage you to aim for the stars and will teach you to get there.

Your Opportunities through Sigma Chi

  • In Sigma Chi you are encouraged to set goals, both short term and long term and to check them regularly to monitor your progress.
  • As a member you would have the opportunity to participate in outstanding leadership training programs such as Balfour, Horizons, Journey’s or to be a Chapter officer or develop and lead a project.
  • As a pledge and member you will meet many new people.
  • Each member needs to be active in the Chapter activities to help continue our success.
  • Our Chapter has won a number of awards which come from good organization, dedication to the task and hard work.
  • We are involved in many philanthropic events, campus activities and social events.
  • We do celebrate our hard work with fun social events.
  • We find that we can have fun times without alcohol and or its excessive, abusive use. Sigma Chi has a clear policy against abusive use of drugs or alcohol. Sigma Chi expects its members to comply with Chapter By-laws, University policies, local, State and US laws.
  • Being an active part of Sigma Chi is an opportunity to be surrounded by positive, supportive people interested in your success.