Pledge Program

The Sigma Chi Pledge Program is roughly 8 weeks long, and is designed to prepare you for life as a Sigma Chi.  Most members view these 8 weeks as one of the best experiences in the fraternity as it is a time for personal growth with plenty of opportunity for connecting with people around you on and off campus.  Possibly the most valued week of the program is known as I-week, a week of suggested silence that focuses purely on self reflection and understanding of Sigma Chi prior to initiation the following weekend.

Meetings and Lessons

Each meeting (typically once a week) will focus on a different topic or culmination of topics.  Pledges will learn the history of how Sigma Chi came to be, who our founders were and how they direct the fraternity to this day, how our international headquarters operates, and individual skills necessary for success.  There will be short assignments that must be completed each week in order to track progress.  Every pledge will be assigned an active mentor, often referred to as a Big Brother, who will help guide them through pledgeship and beyond.

General Expectations

  • Attend all pledge meetings and activities (with the exception of emergencies)
  • Participate in all chapter functions such as serenades, social events, workshops, etc
  • Complete all required study hours and submit grade checks upon request – our chapter regards scholarship as a top priority
  • Abide by all chapter bylaws, university policies, as well as local, state, and federal laws – risk management is key to success
  • Pay dues on time, every time (you will be informed of all financial obligations prior to receiving a bid) – all organizations need money to operate
  • Represent the Sigma Chi Fraternity and the Beta Xi Chapter in a manner that is most respectable under all circumstances


Making a lifelong commitment is always difficult, and it’s not for everyone, especially during college.  John Wayne once said, “Men join fraternities. Leaders of men join Sigma Chi.”  This fraternity is designed to take leaders and make them better throughout life.  Understanding this concept is key to making a lifelong commitment to Sigma Chi. Many members regard joining Sigma Chi to be one of the best decisions of their lives.

Ask Your Family

We encourage all interested individuals to discuss joining the Sigma Chi Fraternity with their families and/or mentors.  Family support is a strong asset in our chapter, and the Parent Club is always looking for more ways to get involved.  If your family is struggling with the idea of you joining our fraternity, feel free to show them this website, bring them by our house, or contact any of the members listed in the Officers section.