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Significant Sigs

Significant Sig Award Recipients
Listed below are a number of Brothers from New Mexico who have been recognized for their work.
Tom L. Popejoy ’25 – 9th President of The University of New Mexico
John H. Morrison ’55
Robert Wertheim ’56
Marvin “Swede” Johnson  – Past UNM VP – Past Grand Cousul

Maxi Anderson – Ranchers Exploration – Balloonist
The Honorable Howard C. Bratton – NM 41 – Chief Judge – US District Court of NM
Brig. General Robert L. Cardenas NM 55 – AF Commander & record setting test pilot
Robert Heron – NM 37 – Award winning designer of tramways and chairlifts
Raymond G. Sanchez – NM 64 – Speaker – House of Representatives
John Wayne 
The Duke
Warren Beatty    
Motion Picture Actor
Rip Torn  
Motion Picture Actor
Ronald W Miller  
Producer – Walt Disney Films & Television
Brad Pitt  
Motion Picture Actor
Carl L Bausch  
Board Chairman – Bausch   Lomb
Don Wilson  
America’s Top Radio Announcer – Circa 1930s
Jay Stewart  
TV Announcer (The Price Is Right — “Come On Down!”)
David Letterman  
Late Night With David Letterman
Thomas W Selleck  
Motion Picture Actor & TV – Magnum P.I.
Carson Daily  
MTV Personality
Dennis D Swanson  
President – ABC Sports
Woody Harrelson  
Motion Picture Actor & TV – Cheers – “Woody”
Kerry McCluggage  
President – Paramount Pictures Television
Clarence Gilyard  
TV Actor – Chips, Matlock, Walker-Texas Ranger
Theodore “Ted” McGinley  
TV Actor – Married With Children
Grover Cleveland  
U.S. President
David Baretta Jr  
President & Board Chairman – The Uniroyal Corp
Ralph J Weiger  
President – Midas International Corp
Matt Groening  
Creator & Animator – The Simpsons
John Giegerich  
CEO – Nestle
John F Woodhouse  
CEO – Sysco
William Sturgill  
CEO – H J Heinz Company
Joe Maloof  
Owner – Sacramento Kings
Gavin Maloof  
Owner – Sacramento Kings
John A Ziegler  
President – National Hockey League & NHL Hall Of Famer
Mike Holmgren  
Head Coach – Green Bay Packers
Ben Wells  
President – 7-Up Company
Robert W Wagstaff  
Chairman – Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Robert H Beeby  
President – Pepsico International
J Willard Marriott Jr  
President – Marriott Corp
Michael D Rose  
President – Holiday Inns Corp
Louis Putze  
President – Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Ronald L Zeigler  
Presidential Press Secretary – President Nixon
James S Brady  
Presidential Press Secretary – President Reagan
John W Young  
America’s Most Experienced Astronaut
Henry J Hyde  
U.S. Representative – Illinoiw
Eddie Murphy  
Motion Picture Actor & Comedian
J William Fulbright  
U.S. Senator – Arkansas & Founder Of Fulbright Scholarships
Barry Goldwater  
U.S. Senator – Arizona & Presidential Candidate
Frank Murphy  
U.S. Supreme Court Judge
Dr Robert A Johns  
Past-President – Cal State University Sacramento
Bill Buckner  
First Baseman – Chicago Cubs
Kenneth S Adams Jr  
Owner – Texas Titans
Merlin J Olsen  
Pro-Football Player – Los Angeles Rams & Football Hall Of Famer
Michael K Ditka  
Head Coach – Chicago Bears & Football Hall Of Famer
Robert A Griese  
Quarterback – Miami Dolphins & Football Hall Of Famer
Jim Everett III  
Quarterback – Los Angeles Rams
 Drew Brees  
New Orleans Quarterback – Super Bowl Champs 2010